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I am based in north west England and give lessons and clinics in and near Lancashire in groundwork, flatwork and jumping. For those living further afield, it is sometimes possible to hire a school between our locations, and to meet there. I give private lessons, or shared lessons for two riders. I give group lessons for up to four riders, but only for those experienced in the techniques I teach.


My priorities in teaching and training are safety and horse welfare. If you or your horse are not particularly fit it doesn't matter. A lot of valuable work can be done in walk, which is an important and under-rated schooling gait. Horses learn best when they are not harassed or stressed, so I give frequent relaxation and discussion breaks between spells of work. For more information, please read the Home and Classical Riding and pages on this site.


Your horse needs to be sound and healthy, in good bodily condition, with no pain or discomfort, teeth and feet in good order, wearing comfortable, safe tack, and be an appropriate size for you. (It's worth remembering the old guideline of a horse being able to carry up to a sixth or 16.6 per cent of his own weight, less for young and older horses: some experts today feel that more than one fifth or 20 per cent can compromise a horse's welfare and soundness.)

As a rider, you need to be open-minded and have the interests of your horse at heart. For safety and insurance requirements, you need to wear a properly-secured, hard riding hat up to current safety standards and long riding or jodhpur boots with a proper heel. Bear in mind that many rubber and synthetic boots offer little protection or support to your feet and legs. A body protector is optional but is always a good idea.


Private lessons are £30 per hour. There is a charge for petrol but I do not charge mileage or travelling time. For locations over an hour's drive from Darwen, Lancashire, I need two or more riders to make the trip feasible.

Shared lessons of two riders are £20 per hour each.

Group lessons of up to four riders (see above) are £15 per hour each.

Clinics: The organiser of a clinic is entitled to a free lesson, and there is no charge for petrol.

If you would like a clinic in your area, or at a convenient meeting point, do give me a ring to discuss it, and thank you for visiting my site.

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