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HNC Equine Science and Management

Author of 44
equestrian books

Classical Riding Club member and Gold Award holder, listed in CRC Trainers Directory

Practitioner Member of the International Society for Equitation Science

Founder and Publicity Officer of the Equine Behaviour Forum

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And what are your aims?

Black Tent Publications
  • Are you satisfied that you and your horse are the best you can be together?
  • Would you like to improve?
  • Are there any problems you want to sort out but don't know how?
  • Do you want to school your own horse but aren't sure if you're up to it or where to start?
  • Are you tired of receiving conflicting advice and don't know what to make of it?
  • Would you like to check that your care and management are really appropriate for your horse?

I can help you with all these issues. I have been around horses and ponies of all kinds all my life. I am a classical rider, teacher and trainer combining old French classical riding and modern Equitation Science, for handling, flatwork and jumping. The two methods blend perfectly as they are both based on the same principles and are effective, logical and, most importantly, humane - and give results quicker than you would believe.

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Black Tent Publications

Whatever you do with your horse or pony, everything is governed by how well and content he is every day of his life, and that demands giving him the care he needs as a horse and as an individual. Success with horses always begins at home, where the horse must feel comfortable, content and, therefore, secure, otherwise his behaviour and health can suffer.

Just click on the headings to the left and find out more about how I can help you.

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