Susan McBane - Equestrian Author

HNC Equine Science and Management

Author of 44
equestrian books

Classical Riding Club member and Gold Award holder, listed in CRC Trainers Directory

Practitioner Member of the International Society for Equitation Science

Founder and Publicity Officer of the Equine Behaviour Forum

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I STARTED riding at four years of age at a small riding school which taught French principles of riding as taught at Saumur, the great French academy. After the owner, Percy Collins, retired, I experienced many other different horses, ponies and methods of riding, from children's ponies to racehorses.

In the 1980s, I was publishing EQUI magazine and, through it, met and trained with Desi Lorent, a classical teacher who had studied with and been a friend of the legendary classicist Nuno Oliveira for 20 years. Experiencing the old French school of riding was like coming home, and I have ridden and taught that way ever since.

I now combine with it the techniques of the emerging discipline of Equitation Science which, to me, puts the icing on the classical cake. It applies scientifically-proven animal learning theory (how they learn) to horses, giving the rider a precise system to follow, removing confusion in horse and owner, achieving even better results in hand and under saddle and preventing any possibility of abuse when correctly applied.

Probably, I am best known as an equestrian author, having written 44 books about horses, written guest chapters for several others and produced hundreds of magazine articles. I co-publish Tracking-up, an independent, quarterly magazine, with my friend, Anne Wilson, like me a classical rider, teacher, trainer and author. We also both write for every issue of Equi-Ads magazine.

  • I have a Higher National Certificate in Equine Science and Management and am studying Equitation Science, being a Practitioner Member of the International Society for Equitation Science.
  • I am a member of the Classical Riding Club, hold the CRC Gold Award and am listed in the CRC Trainers Directory.
  • During the 1990s, I trained with Pamela Hannay and achieved the Level II Shiatsu With Horses certificate.
  • In 1978, I co-founded the Equine Behaviour Forum with Dr Moyra Williams and am now its Press and Publicity Officer.

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